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I have worked with thousands of people worldwide helping them to heal, evolve and awaken to the magnificent, multidimensional beings that they are and to the vast resources within them of their untold potential.

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We can work on anything, the cutting edge of your Healing, Awakening, Evolution.

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The most precious thing in the world that I could give you, at least to me

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My breathwork/healing session with you was one of the most profoundly powerful of my life. You have my eternal gratitude.

Monica Michelle

Vanessa Alexander

My husband and I were told by the medical profession that we couldn't have children naturally. We’d been trying for a long time. I came to your workshop and fell pregnant two days later with the only child I ever had. I believe that this was a miracle.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Thank you so much for your incredible support  during one of the hardest times of my life. You were super-uniquely qualified to support me. I am passing along the beautiful gifts you gave me in my coaching calls.

JoAnne Rees-Ehlinger

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Start the process of greatly enhancing the 4 Pillars of Your Untold Potential--Your True, Eternal Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding; A New, Higher Order Healing Meditation; Fine-Tuning Your Health with Super-Substances and Devices; and Clearing Your Shadow, Blocks and Limitations with a new, Profound Healing Modality.

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Mark’s course can be traversed multiple times. The pdfs and videos enable one to access deeper information each time. The topics are diverse with a thread of access to higher consciousness. Once you have the initial, delicious flavor, you can come, go and enjoy over and over. It doesn't just provide information. It's more about being then having. I've taken many a course, and Mark's is a different offering altogether. Once you begin, you'll be enchanted.

Phyllis Smith, Retired Language Instructor, Translator and Translation Services Manager


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