A 6-Module SELF-PACED Online Course

Awaken Your Dormant Capacities to Embody Who You Truly Are

with Mark Landau

Spiritual Teacher and Author, What We Can Do

Discover powerful experiential tools to help you dissolve your dysfunctions, reclaim your eternal truths and embark towards the pristine splendor your life is meant to be.

If you’re like me, you want to heal and be healthier, live from a calmer, more centered place, have profound knowledge of your true Self and the world, awaken the dormant potential and capabilities within you and help others and our planet.

But the problem is, we live in a stressed out, corrupt, dysfunctional world and have unmet, unprocessed shadow, trauma, fear and blocks within us. Our lives leave little space to tap into the deeper currents.

We go through our lives with emotional wounding and scars that we haven’t fully addressed and that can limit who we are and want to be.

Our lives and the world are chaotic and seem out of control.

Almost everyone lacks the most important knowledge and skills that can help us the most.

Our culture hasn’t taught us these things.

In ancient times, the deeper, truer knowledge of your vast potential, who you truly are, what you’re truly capable of and the skills and information to live in abundant freedom were purposefully hidden and buried.

 And we are blinded by our present reality in which we live our lives as if firing on only two of our twelve cylinders, a half-life compared to the glory we could be living at full potential.

That is why I created the 6-module online course, Our Untold Potential, to help you discover the vastness of who you truly are and begin to awaken your dormant glory. 

This course guides you into tapping your dormant capacities to live who you truly are.

When you gain the tools to reduce stress, dissolve dysfunction, improve health and acquire vast, hidden knowledge, your life becomes a thing of greater beauty and your inner capacities and skills to help others flourish and grow.

You will have more peace and clarity, greater strength to accomplish your goals, the joy of comprehending the true nature of yourself and our world and you’ll begin to sense the higher powers within you.

We lay the foundation for building the edifice you’ve always consciously or unconsciously dreamed your life to be.

By the end, you will deeply understand the value of thrice-a-day meditation, will actually be doing it and will be well on the way to reclaiming, embodying and living the truth of who you are.

And you’ll have available to you the most healing substances and devices, have a profoundly effective clearing and healing tool and will be well on the road to understanding the vast knowledge hidden from us for millennia.

My Personal Journey and Invitation to You


Dear Magnificent Spirit…

I’ve been through more than most.

An attack-aholic father who viciously belittled me. A depressed, shut down mother. Drugs in high school. Cancer with metastases, two operations and a year of the harshest Chemotherapy at eighteen. Psychotic episodes triggered by a massive dose of LSD and marijuana at twenty-three and later.

If it weren’t for my sister and meditation, I’d probably be dead.

I began working on myself at seventeen in psychotherapy. Then, I discovered the Beatles’ Transcendental Meditation guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I worked very closely with him for five years. I also sat and worked with four other teachers and delved deeply into much of the world’s spiritual heritage.

I am now seventy-five. My fifty-nine-year journey of self-discovery and practice with its ups, downs, breakthroughs and challenges has opened me to new levels of being and so much more.

After forty-one years of learning, practicing and teaching many meditations and healing modalities, new, more timely, powerful ones started coming to me. They include three new meditations and four new evolutionary healing protocols. Besides my own, I also still facilitate Rebirthing and Past Life Regression.

But it wasn’t until I more recently read The Ringing Cedars of Russia books that I felt I had gained the most important knowledge, wisdom and information of all.

I finally feel ready to offer all I have learned of our magnificent potential.

Living more love, grace and beauty. Containing more fathomless peace. Developing direct cognition, deep discernment and truth knowing.

And, over time, awakening remote communion, communion with the recently deceased and the plant kingdom, prescience and your own special miracles and skills.

I invite you to embark on this new journey with me and learn more of your untold potential. If you only take this initial, foundation building course, what you learn will serve you well for life.

But if you have the desire to learn more or work with and help others and the world, it will lead to a certification program that will allow you to teach these meditations and modalities to others.

What People Are Saying About the Course and Mark 

Mark’s course can be traversed multiple times. The pdfs and videos enable one to access deeper information each time. The topics are diverse with a thread of access to higher consciousness. Once you have the initial, delicious flavor, you can come, go and enjoy over and over. It doesn't just provide information. It's more about being then having. I've taken many a course, and Mark's is beyond special. Once you begin, you'll be enchanted.

Phyllis Smith, Language Instructor, Translator, Translation Services Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Landau's course. He has so much knowledge and experience to share. This program totally kept my interest. I have been very involved and interested in Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and Consciousness for over 50 years and can certainly recommend this program to anyone with like interests.

Tim Hawk, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Martial Arts Instructor

Thank you so much for your incredible support  during one of the hardest times of my life. You were super-uniquely qualified to support me. I am passing along the beautiful gifts you gave me in my coaching calls.

JoAnne Rees Ehlinger, Spirituality, Relationship & Life Coach

Here's What You'll Learn 

Module 1: The Life of Splendor: Understanding Your Magnificent Potential

You are far more than you know. Consider reading these two sentences out loud. Try them on for size as you would a garment in a store. It doesn’t matter for now if you ‘buy them’ or not. ‘I am a vast, eternal, multidimensional being who has always been and will always be. I have dormant capacities I have yet to conceive of.’ Consider repeating them out loud several times.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The relevance of Plato’s Cave Allegory to your everyday life
  • How ‘For now we see through a glass, darkly…’ applies to you
  • How the Enlightenment Traditions of India can enhance your journey
  • The possible Siddhis or Higher Powers you might develop
  • How the secrets of the world’s sacred wisdom traditions can enrich your life

Module 2: Higher Order Meditation: Opening to the Healing Powers of Love and Forgiveness

There are new, better meditations under the sun. And it’s eternally true that a regular practice of meditation is one of the very best things for you. It can provide so many benefits I can’t begin to list them here. Consider dropping the thought, “Regular, sit down meditation is not for me.” The Dalai Lama wasn’t far off when he said, “If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why anyone can meditate, including you, 3, yes, 3 times a day
  • Why it’s so important to do it three times a day
  • How to do the Love and Forgiveness Meditation (L&F) It’s simple, easy and super-effective
  • How to incorporate it into your life
  • And you’ll get the free book What We Can Do, my best of three about L&F

Module 3: Health Products: How the Super Best Can Actually Help

There really are super high quality herbs, formulas and substances that can significantly improve your health. And there are little known devices that can make all the difference.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The best, highest quality herbal and mineral formulas to enhance your health
  • The one simple thing to alkalize your body and alleviate acidic discomfort
  • How to take advantage of some of the most precious substances on Earth
  • The little known healing protocol to zap impurities, viruses and parasites
  • How to turn your digestion into a dream machine

Module 4: Life Transformation: Gaining the Skills of ReProgramming

There are also new, evolutionary healing modalities under the sun. ReProgramming is the most simple, powerful way to heal, dissolve and release dysfunction, trauma, negative patterns and habits. It will help you meet, acknowledge and face your difficult material and, through self or other-guided repetition, transform and free you of it. It RePrograms the cells, body and unconscious and releases the charge, aversion, holding patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them in place. "After our first ReProgramming session, I enjoyed more peace than most days in two years." Phyllis Smith

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The process of ReProgramming and its Special Timeliness
  • How to use it to benefit yourself and others
  • How to dissolve unhelpful habits
  • How to dissolve fears and insecurities
  • How to increase your confidence, strength and facilitation skills


Module 5: The Highest Knowledge: And the Hope of the World

The Ringing Cedars of Russia books hold the most precious knowledge available for our present time on Earth. They don’t comprise a teaching, path or spiritual practice, nor, as the dark forces have tried to cast them, a cult or religion. They’re the most comprehensive, profound compilation extant of divine, real-world, practical, timely, eternal knowledge, information and understanding. They reveal who we are, what we can be, how we got to our present state and how to cure it and live, breathe, procreate and eat at the highest, pristine levels of existence.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why Edgar Cayce said, “The Hope of the world will come out of Russia.”
  • A deeper understanding of why these books are so special and crucial
  • Some of the amazing things, as a child of God, you are truly capable of
  • How to grow far more nourishing and healing food than any you have ever had
  • Some of the amazing things that await you as you read more of these books

Module 6:  Integrating It All: Developing a Practice to Transform Your Life

Understanding alone isn’t enough. We need to create space in our lives for the practices that can bring about change. You can prepare the sacred temple of your body, mind and spirit to awaken more and more of your untold potential. 

In this module, we will:

  • More deeply cement the practices I’ve shared to support you in your daily life
  • Reinforce your confidence in The Love and Forgiveness Meditation and ReProgramming
  • Deepen your facilitation skills to apply what you’ve learned for yourself and in facilitating others
  • More effectively ‘bring it all home’ to awaken your dormant capacities and become who you truly are

More Praise for Mark and the Course

It has been a privilege both to have been a part of Mark’s healing circles over many years and to participate in his first Untold Potential Course online. Mark provides honest reflection and insights from his own spiritual journey and shares his most powerful yet accessible techniques to assist one’s own.  The course can appear deceptively simple, but of course the magic comes with practice. I've found myself needing to go back through the recordings of the interactive sessions and the detailed resources provided for each module and still have some to explore. I know I will continue to gain insights as I delve deeper and that Mark will continue to provide loving and supportive guidance in working through any questions and issues that arise.

Vanessa Black, Environmental Justice Advocate

5 Stars+ for Mark Landau's "A New American Evolution," a manifesto to save our ego-mind dominated, greedy asses. I experience this read as an essential culmination of my 35 years and some 5,000 guests, and their book content, shared in broadcasting on Transitions Radio Magazine

Alan Hutner, Founding Host, TRM

Mark is a rare treasure of knowledge and has followed a deep and intentional spiritual path having studied with some of the world’s greatest teachers. His Our Untold Potential course is a wonderful foundation for connecting to yourself and living a more purposeful life. I enjoyed experiencing Mark’s energy and kind approach to teaching. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Shannon Sathya Rose, Transformational Coach, Facilitator, Soul Integration Guide, sathyarose.com

 Connect with a Community!


When you join this course, you will be in the company of others who share your vision. There will be a private, closed Facebook group solely dedicated to course participants. It will be up to you to connect with other, like-minded spirits there, which I suggest you do. I will also be interacting with our new community there. I have gone through two other online courses and this aspect of them has been disappointing. Let’s make ours more joyful, courageous and vibrant. We could find work partners, kindred spirits and lifelong friends.


 Here's What You'll Receive

6 Hour-Long Video Course Teaching Sessions

These sessions will give you knowledge, skills, information, practices and understandings to enhance your life and help you along your way.

6 15-30 Minute Recorded Group Coaching Q&A Sessions

See what the original Course Participants Asked and How They Were Answered.

Practices or supporting documents for each session

9 PDFs with supplemental material will always be available if you want to go deeper or farther. And if something comes up that nothing else seems to take care of, I will be available via email to resolve your issue.

Access to our private Facebook Group

Video recordings of all sessions

Special Bonus Material to deepen your course experience

 + PLUS Exclusive Course Bonuses

Shamanic Healing with Alida Birch – A recorded interview with Alida Birch, teacher of shamanism and spiritual healing, offering introductory and advanced training in the shamanic journey, healing and soul retrieval. Trained by Sandra Ingerman and certified in shamanic counseling by Michael Harner, Alida assists her clients to heal the past and to create a life of joy. She has facilitated thousands of soul retrievals and has been training others for three decades. She is the author of The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World & a More Joyful Life. $150 value

Peace, Grieving, Love & Forgiveness – A recorded interview with Kia Scherr – On November 26, 2008, Kia Scherr’s husband and 13-year-old daughter were killed by terrorists in the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, India. After a painful period of shock and mourning, she realized that the only thing for her to do was to love and forgive the perpetrators. This led her to co-found a global peace initiative, One Life Alliance, and author the Pocketbook of Peace and the new Forgiveness Is a Choice. She worked extensively with the Mumbai police on creating police  community trust and created a peace education program for students in India and Mexico. $150 value

Awakening Your Body Intelligence with Cécile Raynor 

For the past 30 years, Cécile has been helping people with poor posture, chronic muscular tension and pain, joint issues and headaches reclaim their ease of movement, their natural good posture, and the joy and peace of mind brought by well-being. Her work is based on teaching the Alexander Technique and her own Body Intelligence Activation Process™ or BIA to promote the integrated functioning we are designed to enjoy as human beings. $150 value

A Free ReProgramming Session with Mark Landau

Directly experience the healing modality this course is teaching. I will guide you through a long series of repeating different sentences and phrases, modulating them and introducing new ones to transform how you feel about and hold them. This re-programs the cells, body and unconscious and releases the charge, aversion, holding patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them in place in a far more profound way than one might initially think. $150 value


Pocketbook of Peace by Kia Scherr 

What We Can Do by Mark Landau

The Contents of My New, Unpublished Book

$45 value





JUST $199





6-Session COMPLETE Online Course!

Take It in Your Own Time and Way


  • 6 recorded course teaching sessions

  • 6 recorded group coaching Q&A sessions

  • Supplemental materials, downloads and practices
  •  Private Facebook Community
  • Video recordings of all sessions
  • BONUS: Shamanic Healing with Alida Birch
  • BONUS: On Peace, Grieving, Love and Forgiveness with Kia Scherr
  • BONUS: On Awakening Your Body Intelligence with Cécile Raynor
  • BONUS: Kia Scherr’s Pocketbook of Peace eBook
  • BONUS: Mark Landau’s What We Can Do eBook
  • BONUS: The Contents of My New, Unpublished Book

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If for any reason you decide the course isn’t for you, we'll refund 100% of your registration cost and the bonuses will be yours to keep and enjoy at your own pace.

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But this is not about money for me. I want to make it as easily accessible to everyone as possible.
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About Mark Landau

After devoting a lifetime to healing and awakening himself, others and the world utilizing therapy, meditation, energy and bodywork, 12-step programs, Rebirthing, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, DNA Activation and esoteric Hindu, Vedic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hawaiian and Native-American practices, Mark Landau began developing his own meditations and healing modalities.

He has a Masters in Linguistics and is ordained an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor. He worked very closely with the Beatles' Transcendental Meditation guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and four other teachers.

By 2002, he had worked with thousands of people worldwide, had one book published and had a growing following as a spiritual teacher. But he felt his inner life needed more work and he was still missing the most important pieces, so he stopped working with others for ten years.

Then, after discovering and developing the Love and Forgiveness Meditation, which did for him what nothing else had, he returned to healing work. Most recently, he found the knowledge he had always sought in Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia books.

He has written seven books on meditation, healing, evolution, politics, sex, fantasy and saving our world, a musical play and many essays, songs and poems. He does individual healing sessions utilizing six modalities, teaches three healing, evolution boosting meditations for our times and lives in Santa Fe.

I offer this course in memoriam of Alan Hutner (7/16/41 to 1/15/20), founding Host of Transitions Radio Magazine and one of the few souls on Earth who truly grokked and appreciated me and what I was trying to do during my long ambivalent love affair with obscurity. 


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