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income money pamm passive income profit retirement Oct 01, 2022

My dear sister recently sent me an article about Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX, his failed billion dollar crypto currency exchange.

She was concerned about my investment activities in NovaTech and HyperNation. I replied to her as follows.

Thank you for your thoughtful concern. But as in all things, there are those involved who are more reckless or criminal and misuse the system and those who are more responsible and don't. I am, of course, aware of him and all this and like so many have been touched by it, but only to a small degree. I do believe that the founders of NovaTech, the company I'm involved with, are among the most responsible, brilliant, honest, generous and caring. Just as an example, because of dear Sam, most crypto currencies tanked when news of his failure came out. Bitcoin dropped from 19-20K to 15-16. In my holdings in NovaTech, instead of getting around 3% profit that week, an average that's been holding admirably for 3 and a half years, I only got 1.18% profityes, profit. They didn't even go into loss territory. And, if you'd be so kind as to look towards the bottom of my history with them below, you'll see that today it's back up to 2.55% and will probably break 3 again next week. And this is the norm for them. When the markets have dropped precipitously in the past, their performance was almost identical.

And, too, there's this. Prior to my getting involved in this world, I would end the month with around 1K, 2K or close to zero assets. When I started, I had $2200 and began investing with 1200. With SS, Section 8 Housing and SNAP alone, I can live quite well. So I don't really mind the risk. Now I have over 1500 in savings, 2476 in NT which I can withdraw at any time at no cost, and supposedly, 4177 in HyperNation from which I'll start withdrawing over 300 a month beginning in January, though HyperNation is far less solid than NovaTech. So rest easy. One way or another, I've always been taken care of and so mote it be till it's time for me to go. :)


Please take the time to study the spreadsheet below. Anyone in NovaTech can withdraw any amount any time. Withdrawal is free except for the window from 14-90 days after initial investment, during which time the fee is 15% of withdrawal amount. They've never reneged on a withdrawal. They have one of the best referral programs there is. But no one has to recruit. I still don't have anyone below me. But the income for those who are able to bring people in can skyrocket. What makes them different is that they don't just rely one new money coming in from new people. The reason they can provide such substantive passive income so consistently over time is because they test, vet and hire the best currency traders they can find and we join a PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) and share in the profits. They trade both fiat and crypto currencies and have a platform for those who wish to do their own trading. They also charge all but the big investors a $25 a month service fee. So if one can, it's best to start with $500 or more to more than cover it. But you can start with as little as $99 and add each month as you can. One of their main motivations is to help those with meager means grow their wealth. Again, their average payout for 3.5 years has been 3% per week. And you can automatically compound the bonus every week if you so wish. As with all such things, no one should invest more than they're willing to lose.

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My motivation, as always, is to help as many as I can.

I only started focusing on money to help me move towards acquiring a Kin's Domain.

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