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abundance money Apr 08, 2022

The Most Wonderful Wealth-Generating Community in the World

I can't say very much here about this life-changing platform because it wouldn't be compliant, I'm not authorized to and I can't include the necessary disclaimers and compliant information. So please

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There's a unique, new membership rewards program that's like nothing that's come before. It blows everything else out of the water. It has elements of some of the best and worst of the past but has put them together in the most brilliant, sustainable way. It's backed by the largest, most successful Blockchain Alliance in the world. It began November of 2019. We're now over a million strong. The hundreds I've rubbed virtual shoulders with all love it. I believe that every one of us in it loves it. Its elements like multi-level and passive income can look sickeningly familiar. They've been used nefariously in the past by those wishing to self-aggrandize and rip others off. But like everything else, they can also be used benevolently. And no one till now has been generous, brilliant and massively successful enough to put it all together in the highest possible workable, pan-beneficial, sustainable way.


The man behind it has transformed the world through blockchain technology. He's worth multiple billions. He created numerous successful companies. He's been an angel investor in numerous others and the twelve largest cryptocurrencies. He's one of the top four crypto miners in the world. He wouldn't waste his time, pollute his purpose or put himself in jeopardy dabbling on the side with a malevolent ponzi scheme. He truly wants to help as many people as much as he can. This is not a traditional investment. We're not investing in crypto or any of his enterprises. We purchase a membership in the most vibrant, enriching membership rewards program in the world. And we're joining a magnificent, thriving worldwide community. It truly is something new under the sun and the second most important thing in my life.


No one is being hurt by this. Everyone receives the same thing. We pay an initial, non-refundable membership fee, any amount of our choosing starting at $400 and in multiples thereof. They promise two things, a passive income of .3% of our membership amount every day and to quadruple our money. We can add any number of memberships any time we want. So immediately, one gets 4X their initial amount in HyperUnits, HU rewards. (1 Hyper Unit = $1 = 1 Tether. One does have to externally purchase USDT Tether, a crypto tied to the dollar, to purchase membership.) These hu are internal, pending rewards, inactive and doled out into active rewards every day beginning after 48 hours. When your active rewards exceed 50 hu, you can cash out any amount to receive $50 worth or more. But don't. When you get to 125, you can rebuy a Mini-Membership. This immediately adds the 125 to your membership total with the concomitant additional .3% or .375 active hu to your daily rewards and quadruple that amount or 500 inactive HUs to your total pending. It behooves you to rebuy every time your rewards reach 125. And if you choose the option to refer people, it can dramatically magnify your growth. My dear friends brought me into a team of 800 people that started two years ago. The two at the top are pulling in over two million a year each. I got in April 8 and did my first rebuy on my birthday, April 28. I did my second on May 10 and my fourth on June 3rd. The days between rebuys diminish as your amount grows. There are no monthly or annual fees and no forced upgrades.
By itself, this couldn't sustain. It would eventually collapse. But it's not by itself. It's an integral part of this unique blockchain empire with over seven years of successful development of great blockchain projects and large Crypto Mining assets. 

It was brilliantly and meticulously crafted as if to organically fit into a huge grove of aspens with one supportive root system maintaining them all. It does bring in fresh capital. But more importantly, it amasses a large platform of people all helping each other. His empire won't allow it to collapse. His goal is to reach thirty million. It's unique, unprecedented and mind boggling. To me, it's one of the safest places in the world to have one's money. And it grows it like nowhere else. The pilot/creator of this new, futurist 10+ billion dollar conglomerate is a humble, benevolent genius with a brilliant support staff. The old, corrupt world order banking families have always wanted to own, control and steal from you. With every day that passes, our fiat debt money in their fully controlled system gets less and less secure.
This is not a pyramid scheme. It's the opposite. Pyramid schemes are structured to enrich the people at the top and rip off those below. This is structured to benefit everyone in the same way and give each the same greater opportunities. It just underwent a major adjustment. In Version 1.0, the first person to get in got .5% on their purchase amount every single day with a promise to, at the very minimum, triple their money. Every single person thereafter for 2.5 years got exactly the same thing. No one lost. No one was treated differently. They never reneged on their promise. I recently got in to their new Version 2.0. And now it’s the same. We all get .3% of every membership we buy every single day with a promise to, at the very minimum, quadruple our money. No one gets hurt. No one loses. No one is treated differently no matter when they get in. And depending on how much we rebuy in a timely way, withdraw our money and refer or not, every one of us can do spectacularly better or not. We don’t invest in a company. We don’t invest in crypto. We don’t ride the waves of the market. The founder is one of the most successful in the world at that and at creating and funding blockchain companies so we leave it to him. He is not a rip off artist. He believes in UBI, Universal Basic Income. This is his way of providing it to as many people as possible. He has structured this to be as self-sustaining, even-handed and beneficial as possible but to especially reward those who choose to help others. It's backed by his conglomerate and we reap the membership rewards he promises, a percentage of the profits. This is the best win-win, passive income opportunity ever conceived, created and presented to the human race. Consider joining us.


In the old, corrupt economic world order mindset, this couldn't exist.
In this brave, new, unfettered blockchain universe, it does.


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